Every Occasion
Every Location
... no longer.
Maybe you'd like to go for the more unusual party? Every one is different, and no, let's hope we have never catered for a party quite like yours!

But if people and food are coming together, then we know what to do! Be it 4000 picnics in boxes, or 1000 barbecued sausages, dinner for a camping party, or three courses with matching wines on the Wiltshire downs, we've done it, (OK, maybe not dinner on the downs), but we could, and we will. In fact, in so many ways, it's more fun, so we're ready!

So think of your unique idea, and give us a call. We'll help you design a menu that's practical, that will work for your guests and your budget, and even adapt to suit the dreaded British weather. Yes, it does happen, and that's where years of experience really come in. But let's not think about the rain ....

Got a wild party? Give us a call!