Every Occasion
Every Location
... no longer.

Your wedding is an event unlike any other. It is a celebration; a turning point; an exciting gateway to a new future, and it has to be exactly as you want it.

Everyone has different ideas, expectations and priorities, and no two are ever quite the same. But every one faces the same challenges and the same obstacles, and that's why our years of experience are invaluable at this important time.

Not only can we prepare the most perfect food, but take care of so much of the mundane but essential organising that is so often overlooked, or perhaps not even understood.

But who wants to understand trestle tables or seat covers? And have you ever wondered exactly how you get all that champagne cold in a scorching hot tent in a field, and how many glasses will you need?

Well there's no worry - we know, and that's all you need! We can take care of all of those uninteresting details, letting you get on with the things that matter most to you.

We have catered for many, many weddings of all sizes and styles for couples of all ages, and they have all been huge successes. And the food? Excellent of course - as always!

So give us a call, or send us an email, and we can start getting everything organised.