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Sample Menus
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Showing sample menus is a difficult subject, and we feel that showing everything on our web site may not be beneficial to anyone. In any event, we usually devise menus especially for you, your guests and your preference or theme. These are some suggestions we have put together from recipes that we have used over the years, and are really for guidance only.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Each party is different, and range from Langoustines and Caviar to Steak & Chips - every one has a theme!

So How Much Will It Cost?

What is practical for 20 or 30 people may be complex for 200 or 300. The scaling of numbers could scale the numbers of chefs required, and costs be much higher than expected. Not that we shy away from such predicaments, but a list of sample menus can disguise the potential work required.

If you wonder what it might all cost, imagine taking 200 of your friends to your favourite restaurant. If you love pizza and a glass of chianti, it might cost you £15 per person. If finest French cuisine with several courses and matching wines is more your thing, then you'd expect a higher price!

When we cater for a wedding in a marquee, barn or wherever, we bring everything to you. Premises, tables, chairs, cutlery, kitchen, cookers, chefs, waiters and even the kitchen sink, and someone to wash up in it! When it's all done, we take it all away again.

So whatever your requirements and budgets, we can help. For parties from 60 to 600 people and more, we can accommodate your requirements.